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As a specialized subsidiary of Huatai Securities Co., Ltd., Huatai United Securities Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Huatai United Securities) is dedicated to providing professional investment bank service. Huatai United Securities has devoted itself to offering comprehensive financial services to institutional investors, including the government, enterprises, Mutual funds, insurance companies, QFII, PE, etc.

Supported by business and channel resources of the parent company, Huatai United Securities has created a mode of ¡°specialized division & systematic collaboration¡± that focuses on HR objective of "customer manager & product expert & industry expert" and provides enterprise customers and governmental agencies with efficient and targeted investment bank services. Huatai United Securities has been leading in the area of underwriting, recommendation, M&A and bond business.

Registered in Shenzhen, Huatai United Securities has set branches in Beijing, Shanghai and Nanjing. Huatai United Securities remains committed to attracting, developing and motivating high-quality talents, providing employees with top-class training and development opportunities, competitive compensation and benefit and powerful leadership, creating a corporate culture which is positive, open and pursues excellence.

Huatai United Securities clinched numerous awards and honors from leading industry organizations and authoritative media. In 2017, Huatai United Securities clinched awards including ¡°M&A Achievement Gold Sail Award in 2017¡± awarded by ¡°21st Century Business Herald¡±, ¡°M&A Financial Institution in 2017¡± awarded by ¡°China Business News¡±, ¡°China Investment Bank Tripod Award¡±, ¡°China Bond Investment Bank Tripod Award¡±, and ¡°China M&A Investment Bank Tripod Award¡± awarded by ¡°Securities Times¡±, and ¡°Best Domestic Investment Bank¡±, ¡°Best M&A Investment Bank¡±, ¡°Investment Bank with Best Overseas Market Capacity¡±, ¡°Best Equity Underwriting Investment Bank¡±, ¡°Best Bond Underwriting Investment Bank¡± and ¡°Best Asset Securitization Investment Bank¡± awarded by the 10th ¡°New Fortune¡±.