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About Huatai Securities

Huatai Securities Co., Ltd. is one of the first-class securities groups in China with huge customer base, advanced internet platform and agile cooperative full-service chain system.

Founded in May, 1991, it went listed on Shanghai Stock Exchange (601688,SH) and Hong Kong Stock Exchange (6886,HK) on 26 February 2010 and on 1 June 2015 respectively. Over these two decades, Huatai Securities has seized the opportunity of reform and innovation of Chinese capital market and securities industry, realized a quick growth and come out top in the domestic securities industry.

At present, Huatai Securities is the controlling shareholder of Huatai United Securities Co., Ltd., Huatai Futures Co., Ltd. and Jiangsu Equity Exchange Center Co., Ltd.; it owns wholly-invested subsidiaries, e.g. Huatai Financial Holdings (Hong Kong) Limited, Huatai Zijin investment Co., Ltd., Huatai innovative investment Co., Ltd. and Huatai Securities (Shanghai) Assets Management Co., Ltd.; it participates in China Southern Fund Management Co., Ltd., Huatai PineBridge Investments Management Co., Ltd., Bank of Jiangsu Co., Ltd., GP Capital and E-Capital Transfer.

In recent years, Huatai Securities focused on providing clients with full life-cycle comprehensive financial services, and has gradually formed full-service chain business system with investment banking as headquarter, brokerage & wealth management as the base, investment & trading and asset management as two wings.

Huatai Securities is the biggest securities broker in China with the advanced Internet platform in the industry. In 2014, Huatai Securities is the Top 1 in terms of the market share of stock and fund trading in China. By the end of 2014, Huatai Securities holds the most clients’ accounts for stock trading; NO.2 in account balance of margin trading and NO.3 in market value of assets under custody. In 2014, “Zhangle Tenpay”, mobile APP of  Huatai Securities’ asset management service, ranked Top1 securities App in Sina.

Huatai Securities has cutting edge comprehensive investment banking platform with the Top1 M&A business. Based on the number of M&A transactions verified by CSRC, Huatai Securities keep NO.1 in this sector successively for 4 years from 2012. And the amount and quantity of equity and bond’s underwriting ranked top 10 in 2014 in China.

Huatai Securities also owns one of the Chinese biggest comprehensive asset management platforms with the advanced ability of product innovation. By 2014, Huatai Securities ranked NO.2 in the AUM of aggregate asset management plans and NO.3 in the net income realized in aggregate asset management plans of 2014 respectively.

In future, Huatai Securities shall expand comprehensive financial services based on the strength in securities business, and strive to become  top comprehensive financial group with local advantages and global vision in the Asia-Pacific Market.


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